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Joshua Flanagan Hammers on Why Everyone Should Have a Financial Planner

Financial planning is a serious business in the world today – one that only a few reputable financial planners like Joshua H. Flanagan are willing to reveal to those interested. As a Managing Director at Commonwealth Financial Group who has worked as a Supervising Agent at American Income Life and as an Assistant Vice President at Citizens Investment Services, Joshua Flanagan has vast experience in the financial world to know what clients want.

Part of his job at Commonwealth Financial Group includes developing and implementing business strategies for clients. As a Financial Planner and brand, Joshua H. Flanagan ensures that his clients get a white-glove service from his exclusive financial planning practice. In his previous job position, he has worked with large firms and high net-worth clients. He also developed strategic alliances with licensed bankers, mortgage loan officers, private wealth advisors, and relationship bankers. Joshua is a tested and trusted financial expert with quite an impressive resume.

Joshua Flanagan is focusing on the wants of his clients rather than their needs. In his words, “I focus on wants based financial planning rather than needs-based. No one will ever know exactly what an individual will need in the future. Instead, I attempt to chase down what my client wants. I am also extremely client experience focused and drive to maintain a deep relationship with each person, family, and business that I serve.”

True financial planning is not common these days as most financial professionals are out to make a commission or sell products to clients. Joshua H. Flanagan adopts a different approach that entails educating clients on their financial situation to that point where they can thoroughly understand why and how they should plan their finances. Joshua is all about the client’s journey and experience.

Business owners, families and successful professionals can benefit from this service as Joshua H. Flanagan works to get them on the path of financial independence. Many people in the past have combined Joshua Flanagan’s profession as a financial planner with insurance brokers and asset managers. He is now doing a complete reorientation for these people to understand what a financial planner like him does and why they should want one. This, especially, is why he chose to build a brand out of his services.

Joshua is passionate about his work and over the next five years he hopes to have a strong online presence in the financial education space. He intends to be the go-to person for enthusiastic professionals and families looking to learn more about their finances. His brand is all about education for his clients. Understanding how a financial planner is different from an insurance broker or asset manager is important and that’s what Joshua is trying to do with his brand.

“I’d like them to know the questions they should be asking when interviewing their potential financial advisor. I’d like them to know there is someone out there who actually cares and is willing to help. Not just make a commission,” he says.

For more information on financial planning with Joshua Flanagan, you may visit this website and their license page. Learn more about Joshua by going to his website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Connect with him through his calendar, or give him a call at 857-260-0815 or send an email to joshuaflanagan@financialguide.com. Joshua Flanagan is a registered representative of and offers securities and investment advisory services through MML Investors Services, LLC, member SIPC (www.sipc.org). Supervisory address: (101 Federal St, Suite 800, Boston, MA 02110 617-439-4389). 


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