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Jamilla Phillip: Multi-Business Owner Leads Small Business Resource Programs

Jamilla Phillip is a successful multi-business owner and founder of Jam’s Cakes Online Academy, The Ideal Project, and The Peaceful Practice. With expertise and years of experience at hand, she holds live online classes where she shares helpful resources to her fellow entrepreneurs who are working on their journey in the business world.

Her success in the business world began with Jam Cakes Online Academy. Jamilla Phillip started as a cake decorator who joined several cake competitions such as those by Food Network. She became a dominant figure in the cake-decorating industry and was featured two times in the famous Cake Masters magazine. With full-blown hard work and passion, the entrepreneur grew her baking boutique into an impressive six-figure business. She expanded her brand and now holds online classes for baking business owners from different parts of the world.

After earning her master’s degree and becoming a professional psychotherapist, she had to balance her therapy practice and love for business. While in the process of doing so, she developed a drive to help other people create their own businesses. It dawned upon her that there was a shortage of small business resources. With that in mind, Jamilla Phillip established an online resource of classes to continue teaching others how to build a business that ensures long-term success. 

She wanted to create a program that will help teenagers learn more about entrepreneurship. This was the inception of what is now known as The Ideal Project. Jamilla Phillip created this online class program for business mentorship, business development techniques, and business grants for teens. Here, she gives out resource links, curriculum guides, and activity sheets that ensure practical skills and an in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship.  

“I take pride in saying that I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners increase their confidence and sales for their business,” says Jamilla Phillip. The business mogul went on to add, “I create effective business programs to help steer entrepreneurs in the right direction to avoid the harsh trial and error process with their businesses.”

Today, her most in-demand class is the affordable yet effective Bootcamp Course, which holds 4-week live virtual courses designed to help guide business owners in the right direction, specifically in increasing sales. Focused on securing optimal results, Jamilla Phillip only accepts ten students per semester, making sure that she spends enough time with each of the client’s business. This way, it is much easier for her to understand the needs and desires of each business.

In the future, Jamilla Phillip hopes to produce more content for her online academies. She hopes to expand her list of instructors, and finally, she hopes to branch out and start a grant program for public schools to get more students involved in learning about entrepreneurship even before college.

Jamilla Phillip and her online classes serve as a support system and motivational source for aspiring business owners. It is a platform where open and genuine discussions safely take place. “Owning a business is not easy. However, with help and guidance, it can be a very rewarding experience,” says the business mogul. She reminds her fellow entrepreneurs that continuing education and updating one’s business tools are essential to reaching success in this ever-changing business landscape.

Learn more about Jamilla Philip by checking out her official website.

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