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iPhone 14 Set for a Major Front-Camera Upgrade

For years, the iPhone’s camera has been its major selling point, both the back and the selfie camera; however, the next-gen (iPhone 14) has been tipped for an upgrade that could get a wider aperture and autofocus. In addition, Apple is reportedly planning to install an upgraded selfie camera with built-in autofocus.

According to ET News, Apple has moved from a potential Chinese supplier to a South Korean company, LG Innotek. The upgraded selfie camera will likely get installed on the upcoming iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 pro. The self snapper is expected to steer away from the software tuning that current iPhones use and shift to autofocus built into the camera.

The front camera of the iPhone is tipped to have a wider f/1.9 aperture, an upgrade from the f/2.2 aperture that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro use. The wider aperture will allow more light, improving the details of the photos and taking nighttime shots to the next level.

With the rumors released so far, the iPhone 14 front-facing camera is expected to continue using the 12MP sensor. However, the Pro model is tipped to get a 48MP primary camera, making it apparent that Apple is likely to remain focused on improving the rear camera array.

Despite the hype surrounding the aperture and integrated autofocus on the front-facing camera, the upgrades could lead to a three-fold increase in camera manufacturing prices, which means the iPhone prices will likely increase.

With the launch expected in the fall, the next generation of iPhones will finally heed the call of users to replace the display notch with a minimalist setup and introduce the new pill and punch-hole cutout for the selfie camera and Face ID tech. In addition, Apple is reportedly removing the Mini lineup following low sales. Two of the predicted iPhone 14 models are expected to see a $100 price increase, with the upcoming $899 iPhone 14 Max model set to join the quartet consisting of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max.

The standard iPhone 14 is tipped to retain the A15 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 13; however, it will likely get more RAM. Additionally, the iPhone 14 Max is expected to have a larger 6.7-inch display. The Pro models are also tipped to get the A16 Bionic chipset with an improved rear camera.



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