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iOS 16 Update to Introduce the Always-On Display

Long-awaited feature to finally hit Apple phones
Long-awaited feature to finally hit Apple phones

With each new update to iOS, Apple continues its tradition of releasing innovative products and upgrades that excite users. This year was no different as people eagerly awaited what’s in store for their iPhones or iPads with the latest operating system.

The most significant change to iPhones will be the always-on display on your lock screen. The update, which was announced at WWDC and is coming soon for iOS 16 with more features, including the long-anticipated always-on display for the lock screen.

The idea of an always-on display has been a long awaited addition to the iPhone lineups, but it will finally be added in the next update. The new iPhones will come with this convenient feature that allows users to check notifications and other information.

The new feature is great so users won’t miss any notifications.

The AOD feature was originally planned for iPhone 13, but they decided to push it further. One factor in updating later than expected is how much energy this would consume on the battery.

The AOD feature was available on the Apple Watch Series 5, but it had to be set at a low brightness level.

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iOS 16 offers a lot of great new features, including an innovative lock screen customization option. The feature allows you to customize your screens so that only what’s important for when the device is locked, and will show up on glance-based accesses.

However, the software is currently in its beta stages and will likely be set to release sometime this fall.

The AOD is set to be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models and unavailable to the regular iPhone 14.

Along with the AOD, the iOS 16 update is tipped to add improvements to the multitasking and windowing features, as teased by developer Steve Troughton-Smith. The update will allow iPad users to resize app windows, something users will appreciate.

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What the Always-On Display Brings to Apple’s iOS 16

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