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Innovator Joshua Haupt’s Incredible Contributions to the Growth of the Cannabis Industry

Over the past decade, the success of the cannabis space has exploded, with several notable brands dominating the market. One of the most notable personalities that contributed significantly to this achievement is Joshua Haupt.

The serial entrepreneur from Colorado is the mastermind behind numerous innovative ventures in the cannabis industry. For example, he wrote and published one of the first-ever “How to Grow” cannabis books, Three-a-Light, which contained essential tips for growing the plant effectively. The author subsequently has sold thousands of copies on the internet through his company, Pono Publications.

The insightful book prompted several commercial grow operations in various states to request his help in improving their growth. Because of the increase in demand, Joshua Haupt decided to create a company that offered cannabis consulting services called Cultivation Max.

In addition to these two enterprises, the ingenious businessman is also responsible for developing the original cannabis-specific nutrient line, Success Nutrients. Together with expert agricultural chemists from Colorado State University, the founder came up with a nine-part nutrient line designed to support the growth of a cannabis plant at each major phase of its life cycle.

In 2017, the three projects were sold to Medicine Man Technologies, where they were put to great use. At the same time, the company’s innovator served as the Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Cultivation Officer until late 2020. 

Joshua Haupt’s passion and dedication to the cannabis industry are evident in his ventures. Due to his impressive business, the space has reached greater heights, and the current market is now brimming with high-quality products.

What pushed him to pursue this route was his positive experience with cannabis. He used to struggle with epilepsy after an unfortunate accident in his teenage years. But with the help of the medicinal plant, regular exercise, and a well-balanced diet, he successfully managed and controlled his condition much better than traditional medicine.

Aside from promoting cannabis as an excellent alternative medication to people with epilepsy, the brilliant man also has great aspirations for the cannabis industry. As he profoundly shared, “I want to support cultivators across the world that are in search of a way to stay in business with all the big dogs and massive public companies entering the space.” As such, he is looking to consolidate the industry and elevate all small craft cannabis growers who love what they do.

Joshua Haupt has recently launched Artsy Colorado, a brand serving the recreational market in Colorado. It offers top-shelf craft cannabis with exquisite art featured on the packaging. On top of that, he has also created Artsy Astronauts, a remarkable apparel and merchandise company that pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a socially conscious company.

On the horizon, the forward-thinking entrepreneur plans to continue his mission of developing creative products and cultivating new strains. He hopes that through his efforts and by collaborating with other key players in the industry, the cannabis space will evolve and elevate for the better. 

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