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Impending Teachers’ Strike Looms Over Portland: What You Need to Know

Image commercially licensed by: DepositPhotos
Image commercially licensed by: DepositPhotos

Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero’s recent warning to Portland Public Schools parents regarding a potential teachers’ strike has raised concerns within the community. This article delves into the details of the ongoing negotiations between the teachers’ union and the school district, shedding light on the issues at stake and the potential implications for students and families.

The Warning

Superintendent’s Email Cautioning Parents

Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero recently sent an email to Portland Public Schools parents, alerting them to the possibility of a teachers’ strike. The intent behind this message is to provide ample time for preparations due to the disruptive nature of a strike on students and families.

Strike Timeline

When Could the Strike Happen?

In Guerrero’s email, he hinted that if an agreement cannot be reached in the coming weeks, a strike might occur later in the fall. This could lead to school closures as early as the fourth week of October, causing significant disruptions.

Limited Support During a Strike

District’s Contingency Plan

Guerrero emphasized that in the event of a strike, the district would offer only “limited essential supports,” such as meals. This would undoubtedly put pressure on families and impact various aspects of students’ lives, from athletics to college-application support.

District’s Perspective

Bargaining Process and Its Consequences

The district’s website elaborates on the potential consequences of a strike, emphasizing its impact on families, especially those with elementary-age children. It is also expected to exacerbate pandemic-related learning losses.

Union’s Response

Union’s Perspective and Coalition Building

Angela Bonilla, the president of the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT), expressed concerns about how the district presents the prospect of a strike. She stressed that the union aims to improve public schools rather than being seen as disruptive.

Negotiation Timeline

Key Dates in the Negotiation Process

The negotiations are set to continue until September 15, which marks the last day of mediation. At this point, both sides can declare an impasse and present their final offers. After a 30-day cooling-off period, the district could impose the contract or the union could initiate a strike.

The Quest for Quality Education

Union’s Ultimate Goal

Angela Bonilla emphasized that the union’s primary objective is not a strike but rather the pursuit of quality public education. They believe that great public schools for every child are achievable if the district prioritizes this goal.


In conclusion, the looming possibility of a teachers’ strike in Portland has brought attention to the ongoing negotiations between the teachers’ union and the school district. Both sides are grappling with important issues that have far-reaching implications for the community. As the negotiation deadline approaches, the fate of Portland’s public schools hangs in the balance.



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