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Hyped Husky Night Club NFT Makes a Sweeping Move into the NFT World

NFT projects continue to enter the cryptocurrency space and creators keep coming up with different motivations and inspirations behind these projects. For Hyped Husky Night Club (HHNC), the NFT project is set to launch and it’s creators hope to attract NFT enthusiasts, DeFi enthusiasts, crypto enthusiasts, and everyone interested in NFTs, artists, creators, cryptocurrency traders, pet lovers, Huskies fans, and YouTubers.

There is so much that Hyped Husky Night Club (HHNC) promises that makes the project highly attractive and promising. It taps into the fun aspect of youth culture, which is the concept of having fun at a nightclub. The collection contains 10,000 hyped huskies NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The story behind this NFT is that the huskies escaped their cozy home and left their loving owners in a quest to become the coolest husky in the club.

The Hyped Husky Night Club is all about a costume contest in a fictional Huskies Universe. The Hyped Huskies are the stars of the contest, and they went on to create their own nightclub to become even cooler and more prized. This is the attraction the NFT collection hopes to use on its holders and get them to acquire as many of its tokens as possible.

Hyped Husky Night Club has an extensive roadmap with different milestones once the collection is launched. The team behind the collection has invested over $200,000 in marketing campaigns for the official launch to keep the project’s momentum going and ultimately attract as many investors as possible. Once sold out, the team has promised to develop the breeding functions, which will lead to a new collection for the newly bred Husky. This strategy will kickstart to increase and stabilize the floor price and drive the NFT’s value.

Somewhere along the line in the development, once the tokenomics is stabilized, Hyped Husky Night Club NFT will enter the Metaverse, where holders of the collection will get to play a play-to-earn game featuring the Hyped Huskies. Following this will be the DAO Governance Structure, which will give holders of the token the power to decide the future dire toons of the Hyped Husky Night Club.

As the development and growth continues, celebrity influencers will be a part of the project to draw more attention and traction to the project, and ultimately help establish it’s reputation and credibility.

The Hyped Husky Night Club is set to launch its whitelist on the 5th of December. This whitelist will serve as the VIP community with limited spaces. The public launch is slated for December 10, 7 pm EST with an earmarked $250,000 giveaway to holders once the collection is sold out.  The team also has some more giveaways in store for holders at different stages of the roadmap and milestones. It takes being a part of the community to be in the know as things happen.Learn more about Hyped Husky Night Club on the official website. Also follow the social media accounts via Twitter, Instagram and Discord channel for updates.

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