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Unlocking Stress-Free Income: How Vacasa Transforms Property Rental for Homeowners in Portland

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A Seamless Solution for Property Income in Portland

In the bustling city of Portland, homeowners are finding a novel way to generate extra income from their properties. Whether you’re an empty-nester seeking a new rental avenue for your home or a globe-trotter exploring the world, Vacasa offers a solution that transcends the ordinary.

Dive into the story of the Buchanan family, who discovered a stress-free way to capitalize on their property investment through Vacasa.

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Embracing Change: A Shift in Lifestyle and a Property

Back in 2001, the Buchanan family embarked on a journey to create cherished memories in their sprawling 7 bedroom, 6 bathroom home at Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon. This expansive abode provided the perfect backdrop for summers, holidays, and unforgettable family reunions.

Fast forward to the present, Shannon Buchanan, a dedicated full-time mom, and her husband find themselves adjusting to a new phase of life as empty-nesters, with their daughters pursuing higher education. Splitting their time between their Portland residence and the Black Butte Ranch property, change becomes the essence of their narrative.

A Partner for Stress-Free Rental: Vacasa Takes the Lead

The stress and worries of property management take a backseat in the Buchanan’s story, thanks to their partnership with Vacasa. This property management company handles every facet of rental, leaving homeowners like the Buchanans to enjoy the benefits of passive income without the associated burdens. From installing portable air conditioners during heatwaves to replenishing towels, Vacasa’s local manager ensures a seamless experience.

A Hands-Off Approach: Expertise at Your Service

Vacasa extends its support by not only managing day-to-day tasks but also connecting homeowners with local contractors and handypersons for essential upkeep. This invaluable perk becomes apparent for homeowners who have transitioned from self-management to Vacasa’s capable hands.

The Buchanan family’s experience reflects the ease that this hands-off approach brings, especially during challenging situations like a malfunctioning refrigerator while they were abroad.

A Cut Above the Rest: The Vacasa Advantage

The Buchanan family’s decision to join forces with Vacasa proved timely and advantageous, coinciding with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Vacasa demonstrated remarkable adaptability by swiftly implementing necessary changes to ensure the safety and hygiene of their properties. At a time when finding reliable housekeepers was a challenge, Vacasa’s dedication shone through, alleviating any potential stress for homeowners like Shannon Buchanan.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Passive Income in Focus

Once the turbulence of the pandemic subsided, the Buchanans reaped the rewards of passive income, a result of hosting entrepreneur retreats and accommodating multiple families.

The numbers speak for themselves: in Q2 2023, Vacasa outperformed competitors, achieving 17% higher occupancy rates in Central Oregon markets. This translates to fuller calendars for Vacasa homeowners, translating into increased passive income. For Shannon Buchanan, Vacasa’s strategic approach led to a remarkable 6% year-over-year growth in Q2 gross rent.

Unveiling Financial Freedom: From Home Improvements to New Possibilities

The infusion of additional income enabled the Buchanans to embark on home improvement ventures. With upgraded dining and living room furniture and a fresh carpet, their property underwent a transformation.

Shannon Buchanan’s enthusiasm is evident when discussing Vacasa’s pricing algorithm, which optimizes rental value and adapts to market fluctuations. The summer season’s unprecedented nightly rents surpassed expectations, bolstering the Buchanan’s financial outlook.

The Journey Beyond: Freedom, Income, and Shared Experiences

Vacasa isn’t just a solution—it’s an enabler of freedom. The Buchanan family enjoys the liberty to travel without apprehensions about their property, while simultaneously experiencing a surge in income. The cherry on top is the ability to share their Black Butte Ranch residence with others, fostering a sense of community. This newfound way of life enables them to create new memories, all while Vacasa handles the intricacies of property management.

Elevating Property Income with Vacasa’s Innovative Approach

In the heart of Portland, the Buchanan family’s story is a testament to the transformative power of Vacasa. From transitioning lifestyles to handling challenges with finesse, Vacasa’s comprehensive property management offers homeowners the chance to capitalize on their investments without compromise. As the Buchanans continue their journey of financial empowerment and shared experiences, their story stands as an inspiring example of how Vacasa can redefine property ownership in the modern age.



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