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How Priscilla Jankans Went From Being a Nurse to Owning Several Businesses

One thing that everybody dreams of is becoming their own boss. This is merely a dream for many people, but for Priscilla Milton-Jankans, this dream is already a reality. 

Priscilla Jankans didn’t just walk through the doors and immediately become her own boss. She originally started her career as the youngest registered nurse in her graduating class at 20 years old. At 21 years old, Priscilla landed a job at one of the largest hospitals in the United States and became an Open Heart Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse.

She would spend more than a decade working as an ICU nurse and later become a nurse executive. Despite her bank account’s significant growth, Priscilla felt something was missing. She realized that she wasn’t satisfied with where she was, and she felt unfulfilled of the joy and economic freedom she desired.

Priscilla began to plan, and the prospect of becoming her own boss inspired her even more. With a strong belief in her God-given talents, she left her six-figure job.

To begin her entrepreneurial journey, Priscilla Jankans sought expert help and support to put herself on the right path. Within seven months of her leap of faith, Priscilla managed to convert her part-time side hustle into a lucrative full-time business.

The first venture she got into was a clothing boutique in Culver City, which she later sold. Priscilla would then found L.A. Nursing Services, a traveling medical staffing agency that serves hospitals across the nation. L.A. Nursing Services now employs 240 doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other medical staff.

Priscilla’s next venture was founding NurseproCEO, a business coaching and consulting agency. It specializes in business development training and strategic coaching for seasoned business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

As of now, Priscilla is looking to sponsor 100 aspiring entrepreneurs through her NurseproCEO academy. The webinars and courses they offer will be completely free of charge. Priscilla will provide each student with a twenty-minute one-on-one consultation to help them get started on their goals.

As a Black community member, Priscilla founded a 501c non-profit organization charity called Nurses for George. With Nurses for George, she aims to dismantle the structural racism in the educational, economic, and healthcare system that prevents healthcare disparities within the community. The organization also provides free services in underserved communities by donating food, clothing, and patient care representatives to help the underserved patients navigate the healthcare system.

Priscilla Jankans speaks nationally about entrepreneurship and the importance of creating profitable businesses. Her first business venture began with 750 dollars, and she successfully turned it into a six-figure per year profit. Since then, she transitioned into a serial entrepreneur, starting and selling many profitable businesses to people looking to work for themselves.

With having done so much, Priscilla’s works haven’t gone unnoticed. She managed to capture the attention and hearts of people through digital media. The content that she consistently shares with thousands of people and has created an engaged and active following online.

Priscilla Jankans’ online presence also serves as another way to encourage and equip aspiring entrepreneurs.

To find out more about Priscilla Milton-Jankans, you may visit her website.

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