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How Boxing Legends Hanged Up Their Boxing Gloves

Indeed, even the boxing legends don’t generally have a clue when to hang up their gloves. This week, an announcement was made public by Mike Tyson (54, resigned for a long time) would battle Roy Jones Jr. (51, inactive for a long time) in September brought to mind the other boxing legends who battled one (or a few) times over and over again.

Muhammad Ali 

When we talk about Ali, the last fight with Leon Spinks was his downfall and afterward, he was able to achieve success in the rematch and won the heavyweight title for the third time. 

However, that wasn’t the end of Ali. After a concise retirement, he returned in 1980 to take on the new champion, Larry Holmes. Ali was overmatched, and the battle was halted by his corner in the eleventh round. “Ali couldn’t battle. He was unable to move. He was unable to try and punch,” Dave Anderson wrote in The New York Times. 

That wasn’t his last took shots at a title. He returned into the ring again a year later at the age of 39. His opponent, Trevor Berbick, won via unanimous decision; ringside onlookers gave Ali maybe one round all things considered. “You can’t beat Father Time,” Ali said after the battle. 

Sugar Ray Leonard 

Garnered successful titles in five weight divisions, a triumphant fight over Roberto Duran. Sugar Ray Leonard was everything as he concluded his career last 1980. In 1991, he challenged 23-year-old Terry Norris, and it was a battle excessively far. The outcome was a misfortune by consistent choice. 

“Norris was simply too much for the 34-year-old Leonard, too quick and too strong,” The Times wrote. Leonard immediately announced his retirement.

After six years, he returned into the ring at age 40 to take on 34-year-old Hector Camacho. It finished with simply the third loss of Leonard’s profession — and the first by knockout. It ended with just the third loss of Leonard’s career — and the first by knockout. “His footwork was awkward,” The Times wrote. “His jab was ineffective and slow. He missed badly with his greatest punch records. And when Camacho exerted his pressure, Leonard wasn’t able to put much resistance.”

Sugar Ray Robinson

Boxing’s other Sugar Ray is frequently viewed as the best pound-for-pound contender ever to step in the ring. Even if, the ending of his profession was comparably deadened. 

Robinson was holding a world title, his last, in 1960, when he lost it to Paul Pender. He would proceed to battle 46 additional occasions. Yet, title sessions at Boston Nursery and Yankee Arena became battles at Wahconah Park in Pittsfield, Mass., and the Network Field in Steubenville, Ohio. Furthermore, folks named Rudolph Bowed and Update Ayon supplanted opponents like Jake LaMotta and Rough Graziano. 

In the end, Robinson was losing the same number of battles as he was winning. The last battle was a consistent misfortune at age 44 to Joey Bowman in Pittsburgh. “The crowd gave the faded Sugar man an ovation for a gallant effort,” The Associated Press reported.

The Exceptions

Floyd Mayweather settled on his greatest fight in 2017 to battle with somebody who is outside the league of boxing ring experience, the U.F.C. star Conor McGregor. The battle may have been a contrivance, however Mayweather got the triumph to stay undefeated, and everybody made a boatload of cash. 

And there’s George Foreman. He left the game ,at age 28, he restored 10 years after the fact to what exactly was relied upon to be his own run of disgrace. Beginning with a progression of battles against more vulnerable resistance, Foreman started winning. He got a title that took shots at 42 and lost to Evander Holyfield, however, the battle was great. At that age of 45, he handled a battle with champion Michael Moorer, 26, and took him out, finishing one of the best second acts in sports. Still, even he lost his last battle, to Shannon Briggs, at age 48. Neither Tyson nor Jones is looking at attempting to recover their titles, for the present. Some way or another doing so would resist a long history of fighters completing their professions on the canvas.

Tyson and Jones

Tyson’s last fight was 15 years ago, after a tempestuous conclusion of his profession and but he came back and restore his dying career after an assault case was filed against him. Indeed, it was not a triumphant moment of his career. 

At the age of 35, Lennox Lewis in their last battle in 2002, Tyson returned into the ring three additional occasions. He beat Clifford Etienne before being taken out by Danny Williams and stopping in a battle against Kevin McBride.  “If this does not convince the public that Tyson is washed up, perhaps nothing will,” The Times wrote under the headline “Tyson Quits Fight and May Quit Boxing Next.”

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