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Henry Cavill may return as Superman in a Man of Steel sequel

DC shows heavy interest in Man of Steel sequel with Henry Cavill back as Superman
DC shows heavy interest in Man of Steel sequel with Henry Cavill back as Superman

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After fans finally got the long-awaited Snyder Cut, they quickly turned their attention to bringing Henry Cavill back as Superman for a Man of Steel sequel.

Despite rumors of a Superman reboot this year, Black Adam’s Dwayne Johnson has joined fan calls for Cavill’s return.

Rumors of Henry Cavill’s arrival intensified recently as reports surfaced of a project James Gunn is currently working on for DC.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, WB Discovery is expected to bring back Cavill to take up the mantle of the last son of Krypton.

The reports say that a project that is essentially the Man of Steel sequel is searching for writers.

The project is one of many to highlight Superman.

It will touch on everything, from a potential Flash sequel to Matt Reeves’ plans for a spin-off revolving around Batman’s rogue gallery.

The project also sheds light on WB Discovery’s situation.

Currently, the entertainment conglomerate is struggling to find a Kevin Feige figure for the DCEU and emulate similar success to rival MCU.

With DC president Walter Hamada set for a departure and a power vacuum at DC, Dwayne Johnson is among the people trying to bring Superman back to the screens.

Reports also indicate that, like the fans, Dwayne Johnson is set to make “Black Adam vs. Superman” with Cavill as his Superman.

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Positive signs

Warning: the following contains spoilers

Although Black Adam will hit the cinemas soon, Dwayne Johnson has already revealed the film’s post-credit scene.

According to reports, Hamada rejected the proposed Cameo of Henry Cavill Superman.

Instead, Johnson went to Warner Bros. Images heads Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy for approval.

In mid-September, Henry Cavill shot his Superman cameo for Black Adam’s film.

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The Superman rumors this year

Months earlier, Dwayne Johnson angered fans at San Diego Comic-Con when he shared the uncertain status of Henry Cavill as Superman.

In the bigger story, however, Walter Hamada wanted to create a non-DCEU story by Ta-Nehisi Coates centered around Calvin Ellis, The Black Superman.

The film will push through with JJ Abrams as a producer.

Henry Cavill last appeared in Justice League before the release of the Snyder Cup.

While many doubted the future of Superman in the DCEU in 2017, rumors of a sequel for the Man of Steel seem to have turned things around.

Future WB Discovery efforts will ultimately fall on whoever fills Hamada’s role next.

After greenlighting the Joaquin Phoenix Joker sequel, Michael De Luca could have a permanent role in DC.


DC reportedly keen to make Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill

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