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Geez Da Gawd Overcomes Discouragement for the Sake of Fans

Choosing to enter the music industry is a make or break season for many aspiring artists. It is either they make it, or they don’t. This harsh reality has plagued many gifted artists for a long time and will most likely continue to do so in the coming generations. Rising hip-hop artist Geez Da Gawd was not spared from the discouragement and criticism, but he chose to press on for the numerous fans encouraged by his music.

While the 28-year-old Baltimore-based artist only started taking his music seriously five years ago, he started with a bang. Instead of spending so much time trying to convince record companies that he is worth the investment, he decided to go independent and created his own record label company – Prominence Records. Interestingly, Geez Da Gawd initially thought it would just be a simple company that catered to his recording needs. But, it evolved into becoming a serious business that other aspiring artists can work with. 

His initial motivation for establishing Prominence Records was to be able to use the studio whenever he needed to without having to wait for the availability of sound engineers from other studios to finish his music. Starting the company also meant thousands of dollars in savings for him. Much to his utter surprise, Prominence Records is fast becoming a favorite recording studio for numerous rising hip-hop artists. At present, Geez Da Gawd signed several promising artists who will be launched in the coming months. The first album his company will be launching is that of his good friend Yahboy Soda. 

“To break through and get recognition is the greatest hurdle. Gotta elevate above the noise level to really stand out. It takes a lot of hard work to break out of the underground,” Geez Da Gawd explains. 

The self-made artist has also begun to come to terms with the reality that the music industry can be a very challenging place to be in. Not only is it difficult to make a name for one’s self, but some music fans can also be very careless with their comments and criticisms. Instead of giving up his music and moving forward, Geez Da Gawd opted to get his inspiration from the thousands of fans who look forward to his music. 

 “Usually the days I have when I want to give up. I get DMs or comments from fans telling me how my music got them through something difficult. Then I realized that I have a responsibility to carry people through their moments,” he adds.

Geez Da Gawd released a single called Little Brother two years ago, and it became an instant hit. Early this year, he dropped the official music video of the single on his YouTube channel, and it generated a staggering 148k views. The response and appreciation of his followers were motivation enough for him to continue to produce and write his own songs until he one day becomes the respected artist that he hopes he will become. 

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