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Ferventoys Quickly Climbs the Ladder in the Gel Blaster Supplier Industry a Year After Its Launch

Photo: Bestoys
Photo: Bestoys

Ferventoys – All the action movies often give audiences a rush of adrenaline and have them imagine what they’d do in a similar scenario. 

Although video games can give them a similar rush, competitive sports like paintball usually give a more realistic experience. As such, serious players often opt to buy their own gel blasters that can suit their needs.

With a wide array of options in the market, Ferventoys has not only entered the scene but has also been making waves across the globe.

What is Ferventoys?

Ferventoys is a professional gel blaster supplier dedicated to providing customers and gel blaster enthusiasts with the highest professional service.

The company was founded three years ago by experienced designers who committed themselves to gel blasters.

The team strives to provide gel blaster enthusiasts with the highest quality and most convenient services.

Despite being organized in 2019, Ferventoys dedicated the past couple of years to listening to fans of the industry, taking in their feedback, observation, and surroundings to achieve their goal.

The team spent years designing and developing an array of gel blasters that best suit their target audience.

By 2021, Ferventoys officially launched its products.

How has the company thrived since the launch?

When Ferventoys went live, they managed to sell 100,000 gel blasters for enthusiasts and bridge the world between parents and their children and people from all walks of life, age, sports, and cultures.

What sets Ferventoys apart from the other companies in the space?

While there are many gel blaster suppliers in the industry, Ferventoys was able to gain strong momentum thanks to the quality of the gel blasters and the justification of its prices. 

The accessories sales service has also played a prominent role in the company’s success.

Online social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube also helped Ferventoys catch the general public’s eye.


Ferventoys’ gel blasters come in many forms, giving prospective customers plenty of options.


The Scorpion is one of the brand’s bestsellers. It comes with accessory adapter tracks and a cross hair.

The Scorpion gun is the one typically seen on YouTube and TikTok.


The uzi is one of the easiest guns to carry around, making it one of the most sought-after guns in the inventory.


One of the few guns to offer a manual and automatic firing mode, it comes with a 4-time scope. As a result, its power comes close to the Scorpion.

Pistol & Sub-Machine Gun

Despite its small body, the pistol boasts a powerful shooting speed and distance, making it one of the most flexible guns in the lineup.

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