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Farm Shop CBD Helps Others Find Better Health Through Their Products

Born and raised in San Francisco, Carrie Birkel is the loving mother of two beautiful daughters. She currently lives in Napa, California, building her CBD company called Farm Shop CBD. Her company is fully dedicated to helping others who are suffering through certain health challenges such as body pains, sleeping disorders, and many other concerns.

The team over at Farm Shop CBD is incredibly passionate about the hemp plant’s health benefits. They strive to educate consumers to take an active role in their health and make a difference through CBD. Carrie Birkel fully understands what it means to suffer from a certain health condition. After she had to fight for her life, she established her company as she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. The cancer was so potent that it traveled all the way to her lungs. Cedar Sinai and MD Anderson Physicians told her that she only had one year left to live.

Fortunately, three and a half years later, Carrie Birkel went into full remission this past May 1, 2020. Her team over at Farm Shop CBD has found a way to help improve the health of others in an organic and natural way using Certified Organic Hemp, it is suggested.   They have a strict and rigorous testing process, including going through third-party testing on all products they manufacture.

Farm Shop CBD creates the purest product that their clients have ever seen. They have various clients who rave out their products, which greatly solidifies their identity and quality. Carrie Birkel herself personally uses their 1500mg tincture before her meals. It makes her feel great and sleep beautifully. Carrie feels it has helped her to be in Full Remission she feels personally, they can not make any claims only suggest for those health challenged or in need of anxiety, or pain relief just try it and see if it will help.  

Every single person has over 2000 receptors that go dormant at the age of 20. The only way that Carrie Birkel is aware of bringing them back to normal is through CBD, which is part of the reason she established Farm Shop CBD. The company wants its clients to know that they will listen and suggest to guide them along their path towards better health. They want their clients to find the right products for their specific needs.

Carrie Birkel was also motivated by her family to find better health and continue her fight against cancer. She wanted to see her daughters’ weddings and see her grandchildren. Farm Shop CBD was ultimately established because of her children. They want to fully help others that are also facing their own health battles , which is why they are currently working with a non-profit organization for Breast Cancer trials in the USA.

In the near future, Farm Shop CBD aims to become a trusted brand that excels in its quality and its mission to help others. A percentage of every sale that they make is donated to Cancer Research. With Carrie Birkel at the forefront of the company’s identity, it is sure to succeed in helping others and inspiring them to seek better health.

To know more about Farm Shop CBD and all their incredible products, visit their official website.

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