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Fans Finally Get The Sandman Trailer After Decades of Waiting

The first trailer for Netflix’s The Sandman has finally arrived, and it gives us even more reasons to be excited.

The wait is over for fans of The Sandman, as it finally appears on mainstream media. Thanks to executive producer David Goyer and showrunner Allan Heinberg.

Neil Gaiman has been updating fans about his enthusiasm for the project on Twitter. He also acts as an executive producer.

The series follows the original material closely, wherein Morpheus capture for a century leads to the decay of his real, the Dreaming.

The Dreaming falls into chaos without its master, and many entities set off a series of events that Morpheus must fix. However, to restore order he will have to travel across worlds both real-life and in our dreams. Along the way, he revisits old friends and foes across the human and cosmic realms.

The first teasers gave us a taste of what’s to come. Viewers were introduced to Tom Sturridge’s Morpheus, who gets captured by Roderick Burgess and his cult in a trap meant for Dream’s sister, Death.

The trailer introduced us to some of the most beloved characters in this graphic novel, including an exchange between Jenna Coleman’s Johanna Constantine and Mad Hettie. She warns her that Morpheus is back.

In the wake of his escape from captors, Morpheus is greeted by Vivienne Acheampong’s Lucienne – a gender-bent version of comics’ Lucien. The head librarian warns that his realm has started to decay without him and needs restoration.

Throughout the rest of the trailer, a montage shows other iconic characters, including Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), Desire (Mason Alexander Park), Doctor Destiny (David Thewlis), and Boyd Holdbrook as The Corinthian.

The Sandman is set to hit Netflix on August 5.



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