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Eva Garzon Shares Value of Taking Risks, Builds Million-Dollar Firm from Scratch

People often conform to the status quo because it seems easier to do so rather than jumping into the unknown to build something of one’s own. But ten years ago, while her classmates were going from one job interview to another, Eva Garzon followed her own inner voice to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Today, she owns The Grand Lion Real Estate Group, one of the largest million-dollar brokerage firms based in Miami.

Eva Garzon was born in Avila, Spain, in 1990, but she ventured outside her comfort zone to study business administration in Madrid. She obtained her degree with flying colors at the University of Pontificia de Comillas in 2012. After finishing her degree, Eva moved to pursue a paid internship offered to the Madrid community’s best students. She was also a recipient of The Goya Mundus scholarship program. Eva also enhanced her marketing and sales skills as she drove her team to win and represent L’Oreal to create a new product for Body Shop.

Even while in college, Eva Garzonknew how to hustle various opportunities and her studies. In 2009, she was selected to be part of the Analytics Intelligence Cathedra, a Big Data Institution in Spain that analyzes multiple markets. It was then that her interest in real estate began. Furthermore, in 2010, Eva became part of a scholarship program at Fordham University in New York, an international program specializing in business networking, banking, and international relationships. 

Leveraging her experiences and vast knowledge from multiple entrepreneurial opportunities, Eva Garzon now focuses on her company, The Grand Lion Real Estate Group. The brokerage firm is known for managing an impressive $500 million portfolio on assets. The firm also represents some of the wealthiest family offices in Latin America, including Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina. Eva also managed to stretch her company’s services in some parts of Europe. 

Eva Garzon began venturing into the Miami real estate market in 2012. Three years later, she learned the ropes in the industry, acquired her broker license, and opened The Grand Lion Real Estate Group. Eva and her team cater to the Latin market, realizing that many people from Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil are trying to find suitable homes and various Miami spaces. 

Beyond commission, Eva Garzon and her team are focused on providing the best services for their clients. The team listens to the purpose of why they are looking for a real estate property and guides them through the process, even after the transaction is done. “We really know that our clients are our biggest assets in the company and we pay attention to their concerns, anticipate, and fulfill their needs,” said the CEO.

Asked what she envisions for The Grand Lion Real Estate Group in five years, Eva Garzon proudly shared that she aims to open new offices across the country and worldwide, including New York and Mexico. “We are currently working with several developers on projects and probably open a new headquarters in Aldea Zama, Tulum, Mexico,” shared Eva. The said project is set to be completed in 2021. 

Additionally, Eva Garzon and her team recently landed a partnership with two of the most prominent real estate agencies in Madrid and seeks to become more present in the market.

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