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Eric Martel Helps Families Build Generational Wealth with MartelTurnkey Real Estate Rentals

Eric Martel believes in building financial legacies that can serve many generations to come. His real estate company, MartelTurnkey, has proven to be just that legacy that’s changing lives.

With a specific focus on delivering turnkey rental properties to real estate investors and educating people on real estate investing, MartelTurnkey has opened up new paths for many people and is guiding them on those paths to success.

Eric Martel thrives as a real estate investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and author with over 25 years of experience in the business. He has been all about the entrepreneurship from his college days, and it began when he bought his first apartment building as an 18-year-old. It was undoubtedly a new terrain for someone his age to explore, but he stuck to his guns regardless.

Upon his graduation from college, he got a job as an actuary and quit, after a few years, to join the lucrative dotcom hype until it crashed suddenly, sending him back to square one. It was devastating, but the tenacity of an entrepreneur shouldn’t be underestimated; and he figured out ways to pivot and build himself back up. He returned to real estate and built MartelTurnkey, the real estate firm changing lives today.

The company, MartelTurnkey, is known for its expertise in the single family real estate rental market. The firm quickly expanded due to its rapid success which allowed him enough freedom to quit his highly lucrative independent consulting engagements to focus his attention on MartelTurnkey. They offer turnkey properties across various locations such as Cleveland, Memphis; St. Louis, Missouri; and Detroit, Michigan. The team works closely with local partners to ensure that every project meets their standard and runs smoothly from acquisition to renovation to rental to resale.

MartelTurnkey makes the services it offers fully done-for-you by ensuring that any property investors buy is tenanted so they can start earning passive income from their first day of ownership. The firm has turned around how people own and make income from real estate, and it’s championing a cause for more people to get into the business. Eric Martel desires to see as many people as possible owning real estate rentals to achieve financial freedom and leave a legacy for their children.

He believes strongly that the best investment for anyone to prepare for retirement is to invest in real estate rentals. Seeing how many workers are unprepared for retirement is one of the reasons he decided to write his book Stop Trading Your Time for Money and now he is committed more than ever to creating success stories out of more people. With MartelTurnkey heavily focused on single-family rental, the company invites every aspiring investor looking to achieve financial freedom, retire early, and provide multi-generational wealth to make a move today.

Learn more about Eric Martel and MartelTurnkey by visiting his official website. You can also reach out to him through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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