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Emerging Music Artist SCY Releases Debut Single to Jumpstart His Singing Career

Despite having done sound engineering and songwriting for quite some time now, emerging music artist SCY has finally decided that 2020 is the year he formally launches his singing career. Just recently, the L.A.-based producer at Real Life Music released his single titled The Sky is Falling, which is available on various streaming platforms that include Spotify and Apple Music. The single is part of an album that will showcase the artist’s songwriting skills alongside his originality and remarkable voice quality. 

Aside from being a producer, SCY is also the CEO of Real Life Music, a thriving avenue where aspiring music artists see their dreams become a reality. The company puts a high premium on originality, following its CEO’s inclination to create beautiful and authentic songs that do not subscribe to the mainstream flavor that music executives feed adoring fans. Instead, Real Life Music breaks free from the commonplace path that mainstream artists are subjected to when they join the music industry. With SCY at the helm, the company creates its own path, making sure that music enthusiasts get access to beautifully written and produced songs. 

Seeing that the music industry is in a constant state of change, adapting to the demands of the times, SCY is one who does not give in easily. Where there is a challenge, he is there thriving and making way for himself and his company. As trends abound and the mentalities of people change over time, SCY meets these challenges head-on by being strategic and innovative in reaching out to its target audience. He believes that at the end of the day, it is the quality and genuineness of the music that people will look for. 

As a music artist, SCY hopes to make a valuable connection to music fans from various parts of the world. As he reveals his joys, pains, and a wide array of raw emotions he encountered in life, he hopes to impact their lives positively. Best known for his uncommon lyrics, SCY’s main objective as an artist is to enjoy the freedom of being able to express himself through his art form while entertaining his fans at the same time. 

“I understand that my voice, music, and lyrics may be conceived as ‘not the norm’ or maybe even uncomfortable or weird sometimes. However, if you ever heard the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour album, then surely people can understand that not every person expresses themselves the same. Sometimes it’s a good thing to be utterly different from everyone else and what they are doing,” shares SCY.

In the next five years, SCY sees himself becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. As early as now, he already has the framework for at least three more albums that are ready to be produced. As he matures in the industry, he aspires to learn more about it as a business and how he can possibly elevate his brand in the coming years. With his heart solely focused on staying productive no matter what the odds may be down the road, SCY is determined to succeed. 

Visit Real Life Music’s website to learn more about SCY. Follow SCY on Facebook and subscribe to his YouTube channel for updates on his latest projects. 

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