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Dylan Blau Helps Hundreds of Dog Trainers Keep Their Businesses Thriving Despite the Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted markets and businesses from all over the world. For most entrepreneurs and other thriving businesses, it has been difficult to bounce back. Fortunately, Dylan Blau, or more popularly known as “Dylan the Dog Trainer” and “Mr. Social Media,” has used his expertise to teach other dog trainers in the United States how to utilize social media to promote their services.

It’s undeniable that COVID-19 has shut down what seems to be most of the businesses in the United States, especially in its early stages. The dog training industry is no exception from a lot of these negative effects. As a result, an overwhelming amount of dog training businesses have been significantly impacted in one way or another.

With the efforts of Dylan Blau, hundreds of dog training businesses have managed to pull through despite the crisis. One such business is his very own business called Epic Dog Pros, Orange County’s #1 dog training company. As a dog trainer who has had 13 years of tenure, Dylan Blau realized that the industry as a whole seemed to be underutilizing the power of social media to promote their services.

Dylan saw so much potential in using multiple social media platforms and took the opportunity to create many social media pages for his business and brands. He poured a lot of time, energy, and resources into creating social media content, focusing on experimentation and testing the limits of each platform. Dylan’s omnipresence on social media has allowed him to generate organic reach to thousands of people every day. In only a short time, Dylan was able to acquire millions of views on TikTok and over 50,000 followers, proving yet again his strategies can work on any platform. If you were wondering, Dylan has a 2nd TikTok account also with millions of views and over 16,000 followers. On top of that, he also has over 150,000 followers on his personal brand @WeAreDogTraining on Instagram.

Dylan’s brands garnered hundreds of leads through various digital platforms. He was able to put Epic Dog Pros on top and has trained thousands of dogs over the last 3 years in Orange County, California, and LA as well as virtually. When the global pandemic began to surface, Dylan Blau made sure that he was still making a difference in the world and doing as much as he could to help people.

Dylan has become one of the leading social media influencers in the dog training industry to date, teaching his fellow dog trainers the techniques and strategies he used to scale his businesses as well as how to maximize potential income using social media.

Dylan is building an empire with his all-inclusive talent management, social media, and branding agency called The Blau Agency. Through it, Dylan Blau has worked with dog trainers, business owners, and talented artists. The agency’s services range from branding, marketing, sales, networking, lead generation, collaboration, content creation, and personal management.

Dylan Blau has realized the power of social media, and through his experimentation and innovative marketing strategies, he continues to help people find their confidence in a digital world with the power of The Blau Agency. He is currently focusing on helping TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube influencers turn their brands into a business, and on the flip side, helps businesses turn into brands on social media. What makes Dylan unique is his love for both business and social media content creation. By understanding the full spectrum of social media, his expertise has become widely sought after. 

Among his other talents, he is also an author of two books in which he shares his secrets of social media marketing and dog training in Social Media Secrets and We Are Dog Training: The Secrets of Dog Training.

While there are many social media agencies out there, Dylan sets himself apart with his innovative, out-of-the-box strategies personalized for each business or brand he works with.

Discover more about Dylan Blau by checking out The Blau Agency’s official website or by following him on his Instagram (@WeAreDogTraining).

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