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Driver Ape Racing Club Establishes a Unique NFT Community for Racing Enthusiasts

Emerging non-fungible token (NFT) communities over the past few months have been elevating their game to provide a special niche for crypto enthusiasts and digital art collectors who are into specific inclinations. Other NFT creators banked on the popularity of animals, anime, and advocacies, and they have been able to attract the right kind of market for their communities. A new NFT community, Driver Ape Racing Club, was mindfully developed to create a unique space for yet another set of enthusiasts: racing fans. 

Driver Ape Racing Club is the first high-utility NFT community in the metaverse that will give its holders access to the most sought-after and exclusive car races across the globe. It will also be the pioneering community to introduce the first Racing Club in the blockchain will grant special access to karting tournaments and an immersive experience in the racing world. Becoming part of Driver Ape Racing Club means being recruited into a highly exclusive community that has ambitious plans, including connecting with and uniting car enthusiasts with special events both in the real world and within the metaverse. 

The creators of the NFT community have been fans of the Planet of the Apes saga and the clothing brand known as Bape since they were as young as ten years old. The choice to create ape characters came as a natural decision, not because apes are also becoming a popular character choice among several other tokens. 

“It is based on partnerships with 10 of the biggest car groups and car influencers from all over the world. For all these reasons, we are very confident and comfortable to have Apes and know that we are going to be a game-changer for the Solana Blockchain,” the community creators revealed. “And as it is so well said, men are descended from apes, so it is quite natural that we turn to them to write the future of humanity.”

On minting day, 7,777 tokens will be available for random generation. They come with various clothing, headgear, helmets, eyepieces, teeth, and other accessories that digital art collectors will find very engaging. A special page on the website is allotted for helmet customization. Holders who are lucky enough to mint one of the ten apes sponsored by Helmade will get to win a customized helmet. A huge discount is available for holders who have minted the Helmade apes. 

The community creators have huge plans for the NFT long-term, including becoming a major brand that will sponsor and mount its own physical events that holders can enjoy. The creators also intend to buy its own digital land within the metaverse so it can organize some of the craziest races inside. This possibility comes as an exciting announcement for racing enthusiasts who are also crypto and video game fans. 

While there are still no details on the launching date, interested investors are advised to get ready with their wallets as it will be happening very soon. Once the Discord reaches 20,000 members, the community will then announce the details of the pre-sale. With the kind of interest that people have been showing so far, there is no doubt that Driver Ape Racing Club has become one of the most talked-about NFTs to hit the metaverse this 2022.

Learn more about Driver Ape Racing Club by visiting its website. Follow its Twitter account for updates on its latest projects. Check it out on Instagram for more information on the token community. 

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