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Dreamchasers Motivation Looks to Inspire People From All Walks of Life

Hailing from Clearwater, Florida, Trevantis Whetzel has come a long way. He has made it his life’s mission to inspire and motivate others. And he does so with his company called Dreamchasers Motivation. 

Trey’s journey began at the very bottom. As a child, he was separated from all of his brothers and his family and was put in foster care for a little over twelve years. 

He would move from home to home and school to school every other week. Sometimes, it would only last a few days. Trey struggled as a child. There were times when he wouldn’t have any clothes to wear, and holidays were painfully limited since he didn’t have enough money. 

Trey would sometimes go hungry and have a hard time learning anything at school because he was always worried about whether or not he’d finally stay in the same foster home or school. 

He would often feel lost and abandoned, and he felt like he had nothing to live for. However, with the right mindset and motivation, Trey was able to pick himself up and establish Dreamchasers Motivation.

As he shares his life’s most troubling moments, Trey hopes to inspire others to know that no matter what circumstances one might face in life, they can surely make something good out of it. 

Dreamchasers Motivation hopes to exemplify the real meaning of hope and inspiration. As Trey channels his energies toward inspiring others, he wishes that once people listen to his story, they will try harder to reach for their dreams and never give up. 

Trey is living proof that with enough motivation, one can definitely conquer the darkest times in their lives. Dreamchasers Motivation is for anyone and everyone that wants to face their challenges head-on. 

Through everything that he has faced, be it graduating high school with a less than 10% chance because of him coming out of foster care or a less than 2% chance of getting any type of college degree (one which Trey will be obtaining this December), Trey has always kept the dream alive, and he wants others to take that message to heart.

In these troubling times, Dreamchasers Motivation helps others get inspiration when it has become increasingly scarce. The company itself is based on the struggles and the hard times that Trey has faced over the years.

Trey wants everyone to know that Dreamchasers Motivation comes from a very deep and personal place. The goal is to be as genuine as possible so that his message will resonate with others in a more personal and intimate way. 

People from all walks of life who are struggling and are having a hard time getting by should pay attention to the message that Dreamchasers Motivation is trying to convey. A message to which Trey expresses is bigger than himself and his story. 

Dreamchasers Motivation is a powerful movement that puts the human heart and the human spirit on full display. It is a company that values chasing one’s happiness, no matter what. With Trevantis Whetzel at the helm of it all, he hopes to cover even more ground in the future in order to help more people. 

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