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DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr Shares His Journey From Streaming on Soundcloud To Establishing Parabolic Moves Entertainment

Climbing to the top of an industry can be a difficult journey regardless of their career choice. For those setting off on their own, the trials and tribulations that await them can put up can shake their faith and force them to quiver. DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr understands the struggle of making it in the music industry and has established a brand to help the next generation of artists build their careers without taking the hard road.

Jerzy Roginski started his music career by sharing his music on SoundCloud. His account would generate over five million streams. Jerzy’s account would later earn him a verification badge, putting him up there with the top 5% of artists in the world. It did not take long for him to attract the attention of major labels such as STMPD records, NoFaceRecords, Spinnin Records, and Hexagon. Jerzy eventually signed with Hexagon and will be releasing his new hit  single ‘Remember,’May 28th,2021. While Jerzy was building his music career, he was also busy with his education. Despite his hectic schedule, Jerzy was attending an accelerated nursing program at Keiser University. The rising artist even managed to make it to the dean’s list. 

Following his success, Jerzy created an artist management company called Parabolic Moves Entertainment. Jerzy has been managing top-tier artists with his company, helping them build their brands and careers. Parabolic Moves Entertainment’s goal is to make the path towards a music career as easy as possible. Since its creation, the company has built a network of relationships and a team of talented breakthrough artists. Parabolic Moves has been busy pulling together a string of shows and music festivals as Jerzy plans to share music that has never been heard before with the world. “We believe in the good of mankind,” revealed Jerzy, “We really want to make a difference. If we are not here for each other, then what are we here for?”

As a growing influence in the community of music, Jerzy has emphasized the importance of authenticity. While most people are only in the business for the fame, the girls, the money, and the validation, Jerzy is driven to use his music as something that can bring people together. He has been using what he earns to provide for his family with the extra going straight to help other people. “I want to be in an influential position to be able to address world problems,” Jerzy confessed, “This is the reason I started music in the first place — to show others that anything is possible. And to help others as much as I can from my own experience. I want to show the world that it is okay to be vulnerable and to bring awareness to the public of worsening global mental health, a topic that is often overlooked.”

Although the world is currently enduring one of the most challenging crises in decades, Jerzy Roginski is doing his part to uplift others. Whether it is through his music or actions, the artist is determined to make a positive impact. Jerzy is also enthusiastic about the future. He sees himself going on a global tour, creating academies for young minds to learn the ins and outs of production, djing and music marketing. Additionally, the artist hopes to expand Parabolic Moves and turn it into a company that makes people feel at home. “We really want to take care of our artists and grow a family,” says DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr

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