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David Anthony Schroeder Releases New Book To Eliminates Misinformation on CBD Use For Chronic Pain

Many myths surround the use of CBD (cannabidiol), so much in fact that there are certain prejudices towards it. These prejudices are often grounded in ignorance and the sheer lack of education, which is why David Anthony Schroeder wrote the book 7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD,” and it’s such a breath of fresh air.

In a world where misinformation has become rampant, David Schroeder’s book remains a beacon of light in a sea of false narratives. “7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD” completely demystifies the use of CBD to treat chronic pain, a disease that has seemed to plague a large majority of Americans to this day.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 50 million Americans currently live with chronic pain. They estimate another 20 million live with high-impact chronic pain, which means it affects their life in such a way that it limits their activities.

David has had a lot of personal experience on the subject, which makes him an absolute authority. After struggling with chronic pain for nearly 50 years, he was given a CBD pain stick and found almost immediate relief from his pain. He spent a good three years weeding through all the good and wrong information about CBD and jam-packed it into his book.

“7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD” is in a league of its own. It’s the first and only book of its kind to go in-depth about using CBD as a treatment for chronic pain. It gives the reader a basic understanding of how to find high-quality CBD, it gives them insight on understanding CBD product test results, how to read product labels, and how to use CBD for pain effectively.

David Anthony Schroeder has taken things a step further and has done what no one else has dared to do.  He developed a comprehensive CBD product buying checklist, which is also included in his book. With this checklist in hand, consumers can make better decisions in purchasing high-quality CBD while exposing the snake-oil salesman and saving themselves from lots of headaches. A vast number of people could greatly benefit from reading David’s book. Individuals who suffer from acute pain, such as pain from accidents, can reduce the amount of healing time the body needs through CBD.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling in the muscle tissue allowing more oxygen to enter the injured area, thus making it heal quicker. It’s the essential nuggets like this that are found in the informative pages of “7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD.” David Schroeder has made sure to make his book inclusive towards people who suffer from different kinds of pain.

There’s something for everyone in each page of David Anthony Schroeder’s book. It’s a definitive guide towards using the positive effects of CBD without any of the misinformation. It’s a no-nonsense guide towards utilizing CBD’s healing powers, and it should be read by the millions of people who suffer from chronic pain.

David Anthony Schroeder has written the book in a narrative that most people could understand. He plainly remarks that even a third-grader would understand what “7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD” is trying to say. This is a grand feat all on its own, it’s never easy to inform and educate, but David Anthony Schroeder has made the seemingly impossible happen with his fascinating book.

Visit his official website to learn more about David Anthony Schroeder’s groundbreaking new book or read his latest articles on CBD and chronic-pain visit his Linkedin page. The book may be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart.

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