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Cryptogram Goes Head-to-Head with Top Digital Trading Platforms by Providing Innovative and Disruptive Products

There is a growing demand for digital trading platforms today, thanks to the unstoppable rise of the virtual and digital currencies that are redefining how trading and investments are being done in today’s generation and even beyond. Clearly, the level of acceptance for digital trading is growing immensely, and more and more investors, both young and old, are appreciating the potential of digital assets. With billions of dollars currently invested in crypto-assets and coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is safe to say that digital currencies are the future. To serve an ever-growing demand in the cryptoverse, an emerging digital trading platform known as Cryptogram is making a bold move to go head-to-head with existing spaces to offer innovative and disruptive products that will provide users an exceptional trading experience. 

“For the first time ever in the crypto space, token holders receive 60% of the total profits from Cryptogram, and from all future products released under the Cryptogram brand. The amount each holder receives is proportional to their holdings and allocated quarterly for as long as they hold the token,” said the company’s spokesperson.

Providing innovative and disruptive capabilities within the platform is the beating heart of Cryptogram’s mission as a digital trading platform. It intends to revolutionize the fast-rising crypto space and provide stability within the market, including the overall mood of traders. Cryptogram’s founders believe that being able to offer this to their clients can be considered their greatest strength as a rising platform. 

The Cryptogram roadmap is quite exciting. At present, it is in its early stage, which includes informing the public about its services, submitting a contract audit with Certik, establishing Skynet security through Certik, and launching on PancakeSwap. The second phase will involve the Cryptogram beta release, Coin Market Cap listing, CoinGecko listing, first exchange listing, development of major partnerships, and the creation of the ETH bridge. The third phase will see the release of the marketing services, Cryptogram version one, and the first project launch with the CG launchpad. The succeeding parts of the roadmap are also designed to excite future users. 

The Cryptogram platform protocol charges 5% of transaction fees. Two percent of it will go back to the holders, 1% will go to the liquidity pool, another 1% will be allotted for funds development and marketing, and the final 1% will be used for funds innovation. 

If anything, Cryptogram is poised to be a strong alternative within the crypto trading business. For one, it will allow its users to interact with each other, something that is not possible in many digital trading platforms today. Additionally, it will introduce cutting-edge technology never before experienced in any other platform. Another attribute of Cryptogram worth mentioning is its commitment to make traders feel comfortable and secure about the safety of their wallets. These commitments are not just meant to impress potential traders, they are also carefully designed to revolutionize the way trading is done in the crypto space. And if there is one thing that Cryptogram promises as early as now, it is that it is bent on meeting its goals and growing exponentially in the near future. 

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