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$CHANGE Uses Cryptocurrency Geared towards Charity Work and Advocacies

Not so long ago, cryptocurrency has been a controversial topic where people argue over its safety and help to humanity, until the pandemic where the ongoing argumentation has been put to stop. It has proven to the lives of many how the market is transforming the world. Cryptocurrencies had grown in popularity across the globe, owing to social upheaval and revolution predictions, but primarily due to the promise of instant wealth. However, among many others, $CHANGE gives cryptocurrency a brighter impression and vision for the diverse community with a goal to create an impact for the world to see.

Quietly, $CHANGE was launched on the last 14th of May with a cause. On a Friday, it remarkably donated $136,000 to the Australian Brush Fire initiative. Through its efforts, the restoration of 100,000 native trees has been possible. Amid the restrictions of having a grand opening, nothing can stop $CHANGE from pledging one of the largest donations a charity coin has made within the first 24 hours of launch. 

Above being a token, $CHANGE is a movement that aims to donate 50 percent of its daily generated liquidity for charity advocacies. This movement organization focuses on developing the world through an act of union between diverse communities. From experienced crypto humanitarians to brilliant degens and blockchain beginners on the Binance Smart Chain, $CHANGE offers all to ensure the quality and success of making their visions happen.

The cause of this movement includes transparency and visibility. $CHANGE has also provided a team of highly dedicated individuals who not just participate actively but also communicate where the funds are being donated. 

With a rising optimism and support for charity tokens, it has quickly become famous worldwide. Still, with its incredible launch and a fundamentally sound team, $CHANGE has exceeded others and remains true to its expectations.

$CHANGE’s goals are aligned in their token after reflecting on the needs of the community. Because of the wide range of social causes that need assistance, the company is taking a dynamic approach to select charities. Reaching out to them through their platform, its team’s ambition is to have a community that could accommodate so much so quickly that Binance Charity Foundation will run out of social causes to support. When this goal is reached, they will then move their focus to external charities outside of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Now and then, the legacy lineup of professionals from $CHANGE will always look back to their vision of combining their individual interests leaning towards the crypto world, for it has led them to an innovative success—not just for the company but for the world as a whole. With their passion for philanthropy, $CHANGE is geared towards excellence. 

$CHANGE is making a remarkable impact as they are on a step towards being a leader in the crypto market. From the name itself, they aim to change the world for the better in advanced ways and by being technologically adapting to modern times. Through their efforts, the lives of individuals and the earth have improved. Learn more about them by visiting their website.

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