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Cardi B shuts up online troll with hefty payslip

Cardi B shares mouthwatering payslip to shut troll up
Cardi B shares mouthwatering payslip to shut troll up

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Cardi B is like any other musician who performs for a price, and the rapper recently shared a payslip with a large sum.

Though the post has since been deleted, fans were able to take a screenshot of it.

The payslip

For an artist of Cardi B’s caliber, it should come as no surprise how much it would cost to have her perform at events.

The price is generally treated confidentially.

However, a recent encounter with an online troll forced her to share.

Taking to Twitter, a reviewer pointed out that Cardi B recently performed in “someone’s backyard” during Art Basel, Miami’s famous arts festival.

The rapper clapped back as she shared a photo of how much she got paid for a 35-minute set.

“I got payed [sic] 1 million dollars to perform at this elite bankers event private event for 400 people and only for 35 minutes,” she tweeted.

“Think about that when you type about this Grammy winner.”

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Takeoff tribute

Cardi B’s trip to Miami comes after her touching tribute to Takeoff, her husband Offset’s former Migos bandmate.

In early November, Takeoff was shot and killed in Houston.

With Quavo and Offset, he was the youngest of the Grammy-nominated rap trio from the Atlanta suburbs.

Takeoff died after someone opened fire at a Houston bowling alley that the trio frequented.

Cardi B posted on Instagram.

“Takeoff your untimely passing has brought a great deal of pain and sorrow to so many lives,” she wrote.

“The impact you had in this world was so considerable and we have struggled to grasp this tragedy.”

“I am heartbroken but I am grateful for all the precious memories we got to share while you were here with us.”

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Shooter update

Houston police announced last Friday that they arrested Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, and charged him with murder in connection with Takeoff’s death.

A second man was also arrested earlier in the week.

However, he is not believed to have fired the gun.


Cardi B brags that got paid $1 million to perform 35-minute set

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