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Brief report: Apple to put up more ads on iPhones and other devices

Reports emerge of Apple adding more ads to their iPhones and other devices
Reports emerge of Apple adding more ads to their iPhones and other devices

Image source: Mac World

While ads have been more annoying in recent years, they have also generated a significant amount of revenue.

Now, Apple may be going in a similar direction by rolling out ads on its native apps.

Reports have surfaced that Apple plans to integrate ads into the brand’s App Store-exclusive apps.

The report

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg posted a report on the Power On newsletter stating that Apple has been testing adding ads to search results in the Maps app.

Gurman believes Apple will update Maps to show more ads in the search interface.

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He also mentions that the Apple and Podcast apps may also see advertisements in their store in the future.

Gurman expects iOS to become an ad-supported user interface in the future.

Even though the app market already has it, Apple plans to place more ads on today’s tabs and pages for individual stock sharing apps.

Apple TV+

Apple may be targeting an ad-supported low-cost tier for its exclusive Apple TV+ , its exclusive streaming service, according to reports from several subsidiaries.

Apple TV+ currently charges $ 4.99 for its monthly subscription.

The streaming service is now generally ad-free, aside from Friday baseball live streams as it plays advertisements.

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More news

It has long been known that Apple has been looking for new opportunities to expand its advertising business.

At the beginning of this year, Insider reported that the analysis of the research company Omdia found that Apple’s advertising business increased by 238% in 2021, which only achieved sales of almost 4 billion US dollars by advertising.


iPhones are projected to start showing many more ads in the near future

More ads could be appearing on your iPhone soon

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