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Black Adam Panel Indicates Henry Cavill Might Not Return as Superman


San Diego Comic-Con is one of the most significant events for comic book fans, and DC fans got their money’s worth when Dwayne Johnson showed up in his Black Adam costume.

Dwayne Johnson has opened the door for fans to ask questions about the upcoming movie, and one of the most anticipated is Henry Cavill’s involvement in DC’s future plans as Superman.

A fan asked who would win between his Black Adam and Cavill’s Superman, but his answer may indicate that Cavill won’t be reprising his role as Krypton’s Last Son.

The big question

On Saturday morning, Dwayne Johnson appeared on the panel at Warner Bros. to promote the Block Adam movie when a fan asked the big question on every DCEU fan’s lips:

Who would win in a fight between Black Adam and Superman?

Johnson smiles and thinks before answering:

“Don’t threaten me with a good time because I’m going to answer that.

“Well, I will say, as you guys know, because we’re all in deep with this mythology, and it’s been an age-old question of who would win a fight between Black Adam and Superman.

Pound for pound, they’re pretty close.

I guess it probably depends on who is playing Superman – I’m just going to say that. I’ll leave it at that.”

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The reception of the public

Many were hoping that San Diego Comic-Con would suggest Cavill’s return as Superman following the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League last year.

Black Adam would have been the perfect catalyst for that return, but Johnson’s comments only caused boos, suggesting the role of Superman was open.

However, Black Adam director Jaume Collet-Serra has confirmed that neither Superman nor Shazam will appear in the film.

“Our movie is an original story,” explained the director. “By the time the movie ends, he doesn’t know who Shazam or Superman is.”

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The hierarchy of power

While audiences weren’t thrilled with Dwayne Johnson’s response, he hinted that the Superman character could return to the DCEU sooner or later if Cavill reprises his role.

The Black Adam actor also spoke to IGN and clarified his previous comments about how the “hierarchy of power” is changing in the DC Universe.

“The one who sits at the top of the DC Universe is Superman,” he explained. “The one who is scratching at his back is Black Adam.”

IGN also asked if the momentum would continue after his film’s release.

“I think so,” responded Johnson. “That’s the fun part about the movies that we can make and being in the realm of DC and bringing life to a character who pound for pound is very close to Superman.

And I always do like reminding people that Superman has two weaknesses: Kryptonite and magic.

Black Adam, one of his anchoring powers is magic.

Now, there’s a lot of other elements involved, but I will tell you that that has been one of the most gratifying parts about making Black Adam.

And I’m right there with all the fans — what if? What if this happened? What if this guy met this guy? Or what if this guy met this woman? What if.”


For Saturday’s panel, Comic-Con audiences were hoping for Warner Bros. news about Henry Cavill’s Superman, but the panel only focused on the Shazam sequel for 2023 and October’s Black Adam movie.

While the Flash movie is hitting theaters, Warner Bros. is on the safe side as star Ezra Miller is currently facing some controversy.

Meanwhile, the Aquaman sequel remained in the dark after Mera actress Amber Heard’s Johnny Depp infamous trial.


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