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Barr Stands by His Baseless Claims About Election Fraud

Photo: BBC

The former Attorney General  William Barr is sticking by his controversial remarks that vote-by-mail was prone to fraud before the 2020 election. Notably, he criticized President Donald Trump over posts made during an iteration of this past year’s race where he claimed it had been rigged. 

“I stand by all of that,” said Barr in an interview. “My view is that in such as closely divided country with so much at stake, we have to keep strong protections against fraud and protect the integrity of the election, and I think when they are diluted and reduced—which they were—then people are not going to have confidence in the election, whether or not fraud occurs.”

Before the election, Barr stated numerous baseless comments that amplified Trump’s scare tactics about voter fraud before his loss. 

Barr constantly warned that foreign countries would widely imitate mail-in ballots with no proof. When asked for evidence to support his claims, Barr repeated that the information was based on “common sense” and “logic.”

The Justice Department cleared out a different claim suggested by Barr prior to the election—1,700 fraudulent ballots in Texas.

Experts have debunked claims that vote-by-mail is subject to a wide range of fraud.

On Friday, former attorney general John stated that he has no obligation to those who think mass fraud would happen in the election.

In a section of his most recent memoir, One Damn Thing After Another, which was published post-election season, he privately rebuked Trump for his false claims that the polls were rigged and said how wrong he is about widespread fraud in this country.

Barr has also said his opinion about the January 2021 riot on the US capitol.

He said, “If those people—whoever, those or anybody else—had a plan to use violence to stop the count, that would be a seditious conspiracy,” he added.

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