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Bad Bear NFT Takes the Digital World By Storm

The Metaverse is slowly expanding, and it’s getting bigger and better as time goes on. Throughout the years, the meteoric rise of crypto and NFTs has brought about massive potential to its many holders and investors. This boom isn’t just a mere fluke, it is a sign of things to come, and the future looks extremely bright for NFT projects coming out of the woodwork.

One such NFT project that goes by the name of Bad Bears is leading the charge towards the new age of digital goods. The esteemed NFT project promises massive perks and rewards to all its holders and investors, priming them for the future of the Metaverse.

Bad Bears was founded by the team of Tony Marchuk (Barry H), Rob Paslaqua (Teddy B), and Joe Hill (Fred Q). Tony is a decade-long entrepreneur specializing in product development, software, and UX. Meanwhile, Rob has a strong background in sales and marketing and is an avid NFT enthusiast. Joe has an international finance and accounting background with deep crypto knowledge. Together, they developed the Bad Bears NFT project.

Bad Bears is an NFT project that exists within the Ethereum blockchain and strives to take over the Metaverse. The highly anticipated collection of 5,555 Bad Bear NFTs has a one-of-a-kind tokenized ERC-721 ecosystem built within the blockchain. 

Much like all the other NFT projects that have built their homes in the digital space, Bad Bears utilizes digital art pieces as their primary medium. Each highly stylized digital art piece embodies a token that is distinct and unique from all the others within the vast collection. Each bear has unique attributes and a variety of expressions, accessories, clothes, and even weapons.

The longevity of the Bad Bears NFT lies in the ever-increasing value of the $MSK token, the new and improved Mishka Token, which is the heart of the Bad Bears universe. Each holder will be given passive yield paid in $MSK. 

It is a fixed-supply NFT utility token designed to fuel innovation and raise the value of every Bad Bear. Holders will also receive unique Profile Pictures (PFPs) with procedurally generated names. They will also gain access to Bear Labs drops, which will be announced on the NFT project’s official Discord server.

Bear Labs also periodically releases serums, viruses, and crazy tech that, when consumed, produces one-of-a-kind NFTs that can be held for added perks or cross-chain and metaverse compatibility.

The Bad Bears NFT is known for its digital utility, but these perks also bleed into reality. Holders will gain exclusive access to the VIP sections of real, A-List parties that the project developers organize all around the world. They also have full commercial rights and usage of their NFTs, which means that they have the freedom to print out their Bad Bear on logos, shirts, or other items. 

The project developers have always meant for the NFT to be a community-driven project with longevity and massive utility. 10% of the minting profit from the initial Bad Bear mint and royalties will be allocated to the Treasury DAO in perpetuity. Holders of the Genesis Bad Bears can vote on what crypto projects and blue-chip NFTs to invest in, giving the Bad Bear NFT more value than the floor price given on OpenSea.

The Bad Bears project is just scratching the surface. Bear Labs is currently developing two other projects in the pipeline, Bad Cubs and VX. This is truly an exciting time for NFT enthusiasts and the world is bound to follow suit as we see this massive paradigm shift towards digital.

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