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Authority Titans Accelerating Growth and Authority for Thousands of Brands

Nowadays, one feature on the news or an online publication could spell the difference for a small venture or new track release, making these once-in-a-lifetime chances the goal for many people. It goes without saying that the chances of getting featured are far from easy. Yet, one PR  firm, Authority Titans, has cracked the code and helped thousands of brands and personalities land on the news without having to pay for advertising. 

Authority Titans is a company that works with companies and personalities to get media placements on some of the most famous publications in the world. It has worked with some of the top celebrities like Ice Cube, Spectacular, Casey Adams, Brad Lea, and Robert Griffith, to name a few. In the same breath, the firm has also worked with many up-and-coming artists and small businesses too without any discrimination, helping them land spots on Forbes, Yahoo, Thrive Global, The Chicago Journal, Portland News, California Gazette, Atlanta Wire, Business Insider, Music Observer, and many more. 

Getting featured on news sites and prominent publications are a few of the most highly coveted opportunities for businesses, artists, and organizations. But there is a way to catch the news’ attention, and Authority Titans’ founder and CEO Dillon Kivo has discovered a foolproof method of achieving that. Getting to where he is today has been far from easy, but years of hard work, networking, and growing his business have paid off and helped him become the king of Public Relations. 

Dillon’s story begins in a humble McDonald’s branch in California, where he worked the lunch shift. In that season, he had begun his business but had struggled to get it off the ground. Soon, he would find himself broke and living with his parents with no end to his struggles in sight. Still, Dillon Kivo persisted on his path to becoming an entrepreneur and thought leader. 

After years of putting in the work and picking up every opportunity he could for self-development, he started working for a company as a Public Relations Manager for a highly successful business mogul. Soon, he was networking with top-level business owners, celebrities, influencers, and thought leaders. Then, when it seemed that his odyssey would be endless, Dillon broke the business code and flew to the top. During that time, he started learning the ins and outs of the media world and discovered what made news publications and magazines tick and how to get featured. As a result, Dillon started contributing and appearing on Forbes Magazine, Fox News, CNBC, ABC, and many other channels and outlets. 

Today, Dillon provides the same framework to Authority Titans’ clients, helping them get the attention of news publications and growing their authority, following, and revenue in the process. To date, the firm works with hundreds of singers, authors, speakers, influencers, business owners, movement starters, politicians, and many other people who want to build their personal brand.Dillon hopes that Authority Titans would become the key for millions of people to succeed at what they do by reaching a greater audience with the company’s help. The company currently runs an Authority Accelerator program that has helped people get featured on dozens of publications and convert that into a loyal following. Learn more about Authority Titans and Dillon by visiting their website, Instagram profile, and Facebook page.

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