Austin Zelan on Taking a Leap of Faith towards Financial Investments

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A famous saying goes, “if you don’t build your own dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.” As simple as this saying may be, its manifestation is seen daily as more and more people fall victim to the snares of corporate America, giving up their valuable time and youthful energy in exchange for a paycheck. As an individual who saw past the daily toil of the corporate world, Austin Zelan knew life had more for him than just punching the clock and showing up to work every day to build someone else’s dream. He understood that taking the right step towards a better future is not without challenges but a risk worth taking.

After making a bold choice to leave the corporate world behind, Austin Zelan immediately got to work. His determination to carve a path for himself leading him towards the direction of investments and trading. He made mistakes, yet persevered, choosing not to go back to the rat race. Gradually, his tenacity paid off. He began to grasp what works in today’s world and how to gain access to it as a beginner investor.  As he became more proficient with his investments, he established his investment research company, Westgate Fund, and found a way to automate his investment process utilizing advanced technology. 

Through this technology, he shared the knowledge garnered from his journey as an investment trader and his tested and proven method with many people around the world through mentorships and educational programs. His mentorship program is a must-have for experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs as it marks the path to financial freedom. In the mentorship and educational programs, beginners and even seasoned investors are provided with the tools they need to conquer today’s markets and come out profitable in a consistent manner, if only they act on it and take action.

Standing at the helm of the company, Austin Zelan, is steering Westgate Fund towards greatness. Another unique attribute of the company is its offer to provide a complete package to its clients. Through gentle mentoring, beginners can learn what to invest into. In addition, Westgate Fund also pays massive referral fees for people who know others who would like to learn. “This is a relationship business, and we put the customer first. It is in our greatest interest for them to succeed, and we enjoy being a part of that. We help them get funded, we provide education, and we help them scale their investments. That’s what Westgate Fund is all about,” Austin passionately explained. 

He continued,  “I am proud of my students for what they can accomplish once they graduate from my programs. I believe I am helping people make a change for the better in their lives. They are now able to finally live the lives they deserve because they have achieved financial freedom. They can finally do the things they love instead of being chained to a 9-5 for the rest of their lives.”.

In the coming years, Austin hopes to continue imparting knowledge and taking Westgate Fund to greater heights as the number one investment company in the world.

To learn more about Westgate Fund, you may visit the official website. You can also reach out to Austin Zelan on his Instagram.

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