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Arman Izadi Uses His Eye for Potential to Spot NFT Gems and Promising Artists

Non-fungible tokens have been the object of desire for many collectors and investors everywhere. But it’s not a secret that not all NFTs go on to become a winning collection. Some of them fail, and then some crash and burn miserably. But in the eyes and hands of Arman Izadi, even non-fungible busts can become highly prized digital contracts with the right direction. 

Izadi is an entrepreneur who has become somewhat of a legend in the NFT space. Many artists, investors, and developers in the world of blockchain collectibles might have heard of one or two failed NFTs that became a Lazarus token under his vision and leadership. Izadi has a knack for taking failed token launches and bringing them back to life. Accordingly, people have been on constant watch for his next project. That’s because his trail often leaves a strong network of NFT investors that gain significantly from buying and trading his digital babies.

Like most people in business, Izadi understands that NFTs and entrepreneurship as a whole are a game of risk and reward. Before it became a thing, he followed the cryptocurrency trend and jumped into non-fungible tokens before the whole ledger-based artwork boom. Nevertheless, the entrepreneur believes unwaveringly in the power of NFTs to change the investment landscape and thus works tirelessly to bring bust projects back to life.

One of Izadi’s latest projects was an NFT collection called Lucky Buddha, a set of virtual artworks based on the popular deity. The community behind the non-fungible offer, would meet much dismay after a slow launch. But after voting for Izadi to take over the project, the community behind the 8,888 tokens of the beloved character has now come back to life. Izadi and Graffiti Mansion Labs renamed the community The Lucky Club and released a set of NFTs called Foo Dogs for free to the community to spark a whole revolution for the Lucky Club.

Aside from the Lucky Club, Arman would also take on a project called Sol Toads, which its founders abandoned and shut down unexpectedly. Izadi would channel several thousands of dollars of his own money to bring the token back to life. Izadi was also behind the free Ethereum-based NFT giveaway based on the Graffiti Mansion, which saw over 420 contracts go out in a few minutes. 

Above all, Arman believes in the power of NFT tech to mold the future. He also believes that it’s a great way to support artists and their craft as the non-fungible token movement has created a practical way for visual creatives to profit massively off their artworks.

Apart from his work in the NFT space, Izadi is also a well-known social media and technology figure. The entrepreneur has worked as an advisor to several projects in the tech startup scene and the nightlife industry. In addition, he’s the brains behind many of the most exciting party spots in Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Macau, including the infamous Graffiti Mansion. The NFT expert and business maven has a knack for memorable experiences and spotting diamonds in the rough, whether they exist in the blockchain ecosystem or the real world.

Learn more about Arman Izadi by visiting the Graffiti mansion website, Instagram profile, and Facebook page.

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