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Apple Patent Reveals Camera Integration on Its Watch

Leak shows initial plans to have Apple Watches made with cameras
Leak shows initial plans to have Apple Watches made with cameras

Smartwatches have been one of the most significant innovations in recent memory, and the Apple Watch is among the most anticipated products in the space. Known for consistently elevating the market, Apple has revived the concept of integrating cameras on their smartwatches.

Samsung was among the first brands to spearhead the smartwatch movement, and its Galaxy Gear already had a camera, but the product did not take off. However, in a freshly granted patent, Apple has not only planned but conceptualized designs that could install a tiny camera on the Apple Watch.

The patent was leaked online, and the camera is set to be the digital crown of the Apple Watch, allowing users to point it at an object and take a photo while retaining the traditional navigating feature. In addition, the planned watch will integrate a camera at the crown with a light emitter that helps it take photos in low light conditions.

Despite how exciting a smartwatch with a camera may sound, one problem lingers — moving the wrist in directions to get a photo taken. However, Apple’s patent proposes that the watch can be detachable, negating such a problem.

The patent was revealed to have been filed in 2019 and indicates that Apple may have given up on the idea of installing a camera on their Apple Watch. Additionally, fans who may have been excited at the prospect will have to remember that patents do not always guarantee that the feature will be manufactured.

Instead, fans will have to wait until WWDC 2022 to see what Apple has been working on this past year. The next Apple Watch will likely launch in the fall, and reports have shared that it will have a new, flatter design with a handful of new health-related features, including blood-pressure monitoring, thermometer, and sleep tracking. Rumors have also circulated that there may be another Watch designed to accommodate the lifestyle of athletes and hikers.

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