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Ala Deja Dejaly Collections: Scents by Mother-Daughter Tandem

There’s no denying that mothers and daughters will always share a special bond. Many nurture their relationships through fashion, traveling, music, etc. But one particular tandem, Priscilla Figueroa and daughter Dejaly, chose to strengthen their connection by being business partners. Today, the duo are the proud founders of their company called Ala Deja Dejaly Collections.

Ala Deja Dejaly Collections is a brand that houses a line of distinct candle sprays and diffusers. The scents are perfect to suit every mood and are capable of enhancing every situation or activity. The brand’s collection of diffusers boost the aura of any room, making an ordinary home ambiance feel like a luxury spa experience. The products are simple upgrades but bring life-changing results. 

Aside from transforming the ambiance, candle sprays and diffusers are useful in reducing and preventing stress. Many have fallen in love with having them at home or even in offices because of their countless benefits. Ala Deja Dejaly Collections uplifts others’ feelings and provides a lively atmosphere, suitable for anyone to feel inspired. Each of the brand’s scent leaves a lasting impression and creates a lifelong memory.

Because the company was built by a mother and daughter tandem, customers feel ensured that Ala Deja Dejaly Collections is suitable for their families and children. Unlike many large corporations producing candle sprays and diffusers in the market today, the brand remains rooted in its mission to produce family-friendly products.

Asked what motivated Priscilla Figueroa to build Ala Deja Dejaly Collections, the proud mother of three said that she did it for her children. Somewhere along the line, her daughter Dejaly showed interest, and Priscilla was immediately keen on working with her and hearing her ideas. The best part about working with her daughter is that she gets to show Dejaly what makes a good entrepreneur and how a product can succeed. To her surprise, Dejaly has an entrepreneurial heart, despite only being 11 years old. 

“She feels empowered when we sit down for a business meeting,” Priscilla said. Through Ala Deja Dejaly Collections, the mother-daughter team can work together toward growing their brand. Furthermore, Priscilla said that Dejaly learns to plan, lead a team, learn about marketing and sales, and understand that failure is a natural part of every business venture. As a mother, she feels proud of being able to equip her daughter with business knowledge. “Her mindset amazes me. It took me decades to be where she is now—free to dream, fail, and learn,” Priscilla added.

Beyond business, Priscilla is thankful for Ala Deja Dejaly Collections for allowing her to spend time with her daughter and simultaneously prepare her perspective for whatever life throws her way. 

Additionally, while scaling their brand bigger toward the national scale and enjoying the process of doing so, Priscilla has gathered some of her own tips for nurturing a successful mother-daughter business venture. “Follow your heart, and do something other people aren’t doing,” advises Priscilla. “Also plan ahead and never give up on your dreams. Live in your imagination, because you have to create things in your mind first,” she added. 

To anyone who thinks they cannot start their own venture, the mother and daughter behind Ala Deja Dejaly Collections prove that anything is possible. Soon enough, their line of candle sprays and diffusers will become staples in every home in the country and, perhaps, across the globe. 

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