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Akil Victor Emerges Victorious Despite Life’s Struggles

Life does not always turn out the way we hope it would; it is a series of consequences one after another, though it is what we make of the consequences that will ultimately define us. Akil Victor was not always on the winning side when he was young, contrary to his last name. He hailed from Inglewood, California, and fell in love with books and literature at a young age. He grew up throughout Los Angeles County at a tumultuous time, which left a massive impression on him growing up. 

It was then that he realized that he was practically living the gritty street life that is on full display in the films of the late ’80s through the ’90s. While most people would applaud the goings-on in those films, Akil was not as lucky since it was the only reality he knew. As a teenager, he would find himself in difficult situations, which teenagers should never be exposed to. Winding down the path of cruel unrest, Akil Victor eventually landed in prison for a very long time. 

It was during his time in prison that he would educate himself. He rekindled his love for books and literature and transformed it into a series of artistic short stories. He would often release these stories, and then by some stroke of luck and talent, he eventually got massive exposure due to his critically acclaimed Amazon bestseller, “She Rode The Bus.” A tale of love, loss, and the pressures that most inner-city youth face while chasing their dreams, it resonated with a massive audience, and it became Akil’s first notable victory.

Upon being released from prison, Akil Victor established Victor Media LLC. At the time, he was excelling in sales for another large wireless accessory company, but he finally decided to make his own brand to provide quality products to consumers worldwide. He also wanted to give opportunities to people who shared a similar background to him. 

Victor Media LLC has a trade name of VT Media, which is one of the first Black-owned wireless cell phone accessories brands, and it has set the bar with its unwavering commitment to high-quality products, innovative performance, and exceptional customer care. Through its extensive selection of cell phone accessory products, Akil Victor has made sure that his brand goes above and beyond his customers’ needs and expectations.

In the near future, Akil sees his company becoming a Fortune 500 brand. He also envisions becoming a motivational speaker for budding entrepreneurs from the inner-city. He seeks to help at-risk youth who feel that there is no hope left for them, set a positive example, and inspire them to reach for their dreams. Akil Victor has shown time and time again, that the smallest of victories could change one’s life for the better. He used his talents and persevered through the curve balls that life has thrown at him to get to where he is today. He is a true inspiration to people worldwide.

Know more about Akil Victor and his brand by checking out his official website.

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