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Adwired and E-commerce Marketing Agency to Create a Partnership That Will Change the Industry

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic had people locked up in their homes and relying on virtual transactions more than ever. This reliance is speeding up the growth of e-commerce sites despite the economic uncertainty that most industries are suffering today. Adwired is a results-based marketing agency that makes e-commerce marketing massively more convenient and stress-free for store owners.

E-commerce (electronic commerce) refers to the buying and selling of goods and services through the internet. The first e-commerce store was fairly recent in 1981, but people did not expect much of it, given the novelty of the concept and the internet itself. Even today, while e-commerce comprises 14.1% of all total retail sales worldwide, people have not quite yet fully grasped the intricacies of e-commerce.

Kasra Moradi and Gage Flesher saw a huge demand in e-commerce marketing as they witnessed the ineffective handling of resources. Many brands suffer the loss of thousands of dollars to ineffective marketing and Facebook campaigns with no structure to speak off. The pair began hashing out details on the idea of creating a business to address this need, and after building and testing hundreds of different stores, Adwired came to life.

The founders of this e-commerce marketing company have impressed many in the success they have met in the industry despite their young age. Both men are barely even legal adults at only 20 years old, and they have accomplished far more than most men twice their age. 

The pair has accumulated a combined total worth of a mind-boggling $7 million for their personal and clients’ e-commerce brands. Kasra and Gage are from Sacramento and Murrieta, California, respectively. The Adwired founders met through an e-commerce community and quickly hit it off. A few months of working together in building e-commerce brands, generating six figures per month, saw them seeing explosive success together before ever even meeting each other in person. 

There is a common saying to not make business partnerships with friends or lovers, as it can sour relationships. Despite the fact that many partnerships fall apart over time, Kasra and Gae have a level of business-sense compatibility that helped them figure out how to make it work. The two even decided to purchase a house in San Diego, California, that would serve as their base of operations, taking their business to the next level.

Work did not come easy, of course, but pushing out successful e-commerce brands and running effective marketing campaigns that would generate hundreds of thousands of dollars brought a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction like no other.

Today, Adwired is in the process of creating a partnership with Ecommerce Marketing Agency, another company providing an exclusive turnkey service for clients looking to get started in e-commerce and Shopify. The company is owned by Steven Ridyowski, an expert with over ten years of experience in online marketing for various industries. As the trio specializes in different niches in product trends and brand building, this partnership could be the beginning of what will become the best e-commerce service on the internet.

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