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Activist Parents Accuse Flash Actor Ezra Miller of Grooming Their Daughter

The Flash actor under more heat from grooming accusations
The Flash actor under more heat from grooming accusations

Ezra Miller, the actor that everyone is talking about lately for his association with Tokata Iron Eyes, has been facing a lot of heat lately. He recently found himself in more trouble when charges were filed against him by her parents – Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle; an activist duo who are also members within Native American community. In their filing on Tuesday, they said Ezra’s friendship put their daughter at risk.

Miller’s behavior was described as “cult-like and psychologically manipulative.” The parents also said that he used violence, intimidation or threat of it to hold sway over Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle’s daughter.

Miller met Tokata at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. The then 23-year old took an immediate liking to 12 year old Tokata.

The parents of Tokata claimed that Ezra Miller offered to pay for her education at Bard College in Massachusetts, but they say he would later use it as leverage against their daughter, creating a sense of indebtedness.

When Tokata dropped out of school last December, her parents were unaware that she had traveled to Vermont without a driver’s license or any form of identification. It wasn’t until they arrived at Miller’s home where they found their daughter sitting on the couch with no wallet nor bank cards whatsoever.

Although they brought her home, Tokata detoxed for three weeks before reuniting with Miller and later flew to Hawaii.

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Sara Jumping Eagle took to social media and vent out her frustrations.

“My family is living a nightmare,” she tweeted. “#EzraMiller has brainwashed my daughter Tokata Iron Eyes, physically assaulted her, is perpetuating cult-like behaviors and emotional abuse. Ezra’s dangerous behaviors are escalating with no accountability from #WarnerBros #MMIW”

In the last seven days, Tokata joined Instagram. She has now added seven posts on her account and in one video, it was shown that she is with him while. She later put up a post with a statement describing the current situation.

However, Tokata’s mother tweeted on June 8 that her daughter hasn’t had a phone since January. She accused Miller of controlling Tokata’s Instagram and pleaded to the community for information on her daughter’s whereabouts.

The judge signed an order that prevents Miller from having contact with or harassing the Iron Eyes family, but he cannot be served because of his unknown location. 

A hearing is scheduled for July 12.

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Ezra Miller Accused of Grooming a Girl For Six Years

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