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A Divide Grows Between the GOP and Companies Offering Abortion-Related Benefits After Roe V. Wade Gets Overturned

The Supreme Court's decision alienates the GOP with companies offering abortion-related benefits
The Supreme Court's decision alienates the GOP with companies offering abortion-related benefits

Roe v. Wade has helped women and families for nearly five decades, but the recent decision by the Supreme Court has rendered it void, angering a large number of people online. Major US companies decided to intervene and provide their employees and dependents with access to the services they need.

Despite people praising their decision, the Republican Party has grown discontent with the companies, especially with their return to the US House in fall so close.

The companies’ improved benefits include expanded health benefits to cover travel expenses for their employees. The benefit expands to their dependents who are seeking abortion services prohibited in their home state. Lawmakers and conservatives countered with a suggestion to improve parental leave policies instead.

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The unrest started before the Court’s decision. Back in May, a draft opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case was leaked, and Republican members of the Texas Legislature wrote to a letter to Lyst that said they would introduce bills in the next legislative session that would target companies with abortion-related benefits in the Lone Star state.

“After Dobbs, the alliance between social conservatives and neoliberal corporatists in the GOP is over,” said Republic Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri. “Look no further than mega-corporations caving to the far-left and offering to cover all abortion-related expenses for their employees.”

“Republicans sought to focus on pro-family policies to support mothers and their children, not corporate welfare for big business and the ultra-wealthy.”

Critics were quick to jump in with their thoughts once companies started announcing their plans for abortion-related travel benefits.

Majority of the critics believe the companies’ decision is a hostile move against social conservatism by boardrooms across the United States. They also see it as a component to a trend wherein companies will be more amenable to progressive causes and political activism.

Although the GOP has dedicated years promoting corporate tax cuts and subsidies for major businesses so industry money can flow, Republicans have become more vocal against the abortion-related benefits, especially those with presidential ambitions like Hawley.

Jessica Anderson of Heritage Action for America pointed out Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ dissolution of Disney’s special governing powers in April, saying it was a retaliation of the company’s opposition to the GOP-backed law that restricted public school lessons that focused on sexual orientation and gender identity for students early into kindergarten up to third grade.

DeSantis is considered by many as a top contender for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. He is viewed as a hero for his clash with Disney and also led a University of New Hampshire poll in June of potential 2024 presidential hopefuls.

“I think conservative voters see the action these companies are taking, and it’s one more thing that adds to their frustration,” offered Anderson. “If the November election goes the way we think it will, there will be a huge mandate for elected officials up and down the ballot to take seriously these companies going so woke.”

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