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6 Ways to Spend More Time With Your Kids With Technology

As a digital native, my parenting was compromise and my kids are being raise in a largely digital era that I need to monitor and be updated. Unfortunately, I tend to scroll my feed and it consumes most of my time. The advent of technology has made us drawn into unnecessary things and without discipline, it will kill our time and productivity. It is our role and responsibility as parents to monitor our kids in using the gadgets. Although the benefits of cell phones are far-fetched, setbacks could devour the young minds that may lead to technology addiction or worst scenario could happen. 

1. Set Limits

This entails the number of hours your children tap with their smartphones. Most parental control apps from the major carriers allow you to control screentime limits across all devices on an account, However if desired, along with other capabilities (in addition to screentime limits) that can benefit parents and kids. It is very important to monitor the applications that they utilized and pay close attention to their virtual interactions. Setting limits will serve as their parameter on when, Therefore where, and how they will utilize the gadgets. It is very important to educate our kids about the disadvantages of too much time spent on gadgets.

2. Documents and Records Happy and Nostalgic Memories

On the positive side, your phone helps you to capture the magical moments of your life! I love that my phone allows me to conveniently video record every dance recital, sports engagements, or impromptu role-plays and puppet shows. And it’s enough that I can record while still watching my child without taking my eyes off them.  I want my kids to know that I see them face to face.  With the latest features of smartphones, you can store the images and videos on cloud storage for backups. It is very essential to record the good memories to be reckoned with and cherished with.

3. Music 

The accessibility of smartphones is a battle-shifter at home. With the help of music apps and Bluetooth speakers, the mood is set. Music motivates us to clean up toys or dishes, dissipates tension after a sibling spat, and gives us a reason to dance the day away and get frenzy over the beat. Music apps can be installed such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and others. With the amount of convenience, you can be your DJ in the house!

4. Grocery Time Saver!

Grocery order and pick-up apps are game-changers and it will save your money, time, and efforts that can be spent doing activities you love to do with your kids. The time you will spend in the grocery store can be more convenient and saved if you engage yourself in this kind of apps! And, it will give you more time to play and cuddle around with your kids!

5. Networking

My kids love video-chatting with grandparents, who live far away, and with the help of smartphones, everything is reachable. As a mom, socialization is a bit challenging but with social media networks, video chatting apps like Marco Polo, and even just texting, moms can find and nurture each other like a virtual village that transcends geographic barriers. If you need to be on your phone, nurture genuine connections rather than just scrolling. Also, through social media platforms, the horizon of information can be grasped in just a click. The accessibility of information is already given and everything is at ease.

6. Education Tools For your Kids

You can download educational apps for your kids and it is more engaging and fun! It will allow your children to explore more and discover things that capture their curiosity. Of course, as a parent, we have to monitor from time to time the apps they are using. 

Your kids can dive into an online encyclopedia or an educational YouTube channel. And true enough, there are tons of amazing apps out there that can supplement so many facets of life, especially learning. 

The advent of technology offers a wide array of possibilities in just a click. And children must understand the ways phones can help us and the ways unbalanced phone use can detract from living a full life. 

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